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Jewel Tone Collection - 9 Jewel Tone Products (52 unit set)

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This program contains a variety of 9 jewel tone products, including boxed soaps and salt soaks!

Contents of program:

- 6 bars of boxed Amethyst Soap, 6 bars of boxed Sapphire Soap, 6 bars of boxed Garnet Soap, 6 bars of boxed Emerald Soap

- 6  bottles of Amethyst Fizzy Salt Soaks, 6 bottles of Sapphire Fizzy Salt Soaks, 6 bottles of Garnet Fizzy Salt Soaks, 6 bottles of Emerald Fizzy Salt Soaks * Fizzy Salt soaks are in 16oz glass bottles

- Jewel tone 4 bar gift box (4 pcs of 4 bar sets). 

- Modern small display unit (16x12x20)

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