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Why can't I log in?

You must apply for a wholesale account by filling out the "Request Account - USA" form in the drop-down menu. We'll send you an activation link, and you will be ready to shop!

If you are not a wholesale customer (don't own a store), please visit our retail site at

Why can't I see prices, or add items to my cart?

Prices and the "add to cart" button will show up when you login. You can only login if you've been approved for a wholesale account, and have received a "set my password" link email.

What is the minimum for wholesale orders?

 The minimum opening order is $300.00, and the minimum re-order is $132.00.


What is the typical retail price per bar of soap?

Our soaps retail for $10 per bar.  

What is your lead time?

Lead time varies from between 2 days and 3 weeks processing, depending on time of year.  If you would like a more precise estimate of your lead time, please email our shipping department at


    How will my soap be packaged?

    Soaps are sent and displayed open stock (naked). They are each banded with a silicone belly band that includes company name, UPC, and soap name.   Each soap comes with an individual bag for packaging. The customer puts the soap in the bag after they choose their soap...similar to the way produce is sold.


    Why do you recommend soaps be displayed naked? 

    They sell best naked!  After years of selling FinchBerry products, we've found that customers are more attracted to the unwrapped soaps.  Aside from the display being more colorful, customers feel the products are more raw, natural and handmade when they aren't packaged. 

    Shrink wrapped soaps give customer's a feeling of mass production, and FinchBerry products are certainly not mass produced.  Additionally, all of the soaps are fresh, so they'll be shrinking a minor amount for 6 months.  The soaps don't shrink enough to notice when they're naked, but when fresh soaps are shrink wrapped, the plastic will become loose and may start to look sloppy over the months.


    What are your best-selling soaps? 

    Having a variety of soaps makes your display more appealing and helps all the soaps sell better. Even with a variety, our eight current best sellers (which can be found in our Top-Seller Tins) are Cranberry Chutney, Sweet Dreams, Tart Me Up, Grapes of Bath, Spark, Renegade Honey, Darling, and Sweetly Southern. 

    Where is my order?

    Sometimes with larger shipments, especially wholesale orders, your order will be sent in multiple cartons. Ensure that you check the tracking number provided, and if yours is a multi-piece shipment, it is showing all your pieces as “delivered.” Often only part of the order will be delivered one day, and the rest is delivered on another day, all depending on shipping times, weights, etc. If you have confirmed this and you still are missing something, feel free to reach out to, or call our office at 352-900-3070.

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