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Branching Out - 11 bars - Wholesale Soap

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For those who love the perfume of the forest, Branching Out — inspired by pine-scented Fraser fir trees — allows the brisk aroma of evergreens to lather and linger on the skin. Dusted with flecks of wintry glitter and featuring mountainous crags and a lower marbling of bold blues, lavenders, and green, Branching Out is as daring to the eye as its scent is soothing on the nose and lungs. Experience the soap for yourself while carrying the restorative perfume of the great outdoors into the confines of the home, office, and beyond.

Ingredients: water, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, lye, titanium dioxide, green and blue mica, yellow oxide, blue oxide, black oxide, essential/fragrance oil (for scent), cosmetic glitter 

FinchBerry Soaps are all vegan-friendly, gluten free and preservative free . They make a great addition to boutiques, spas, gift shops, etc. 

Quantity is 1 Pack.  Pack is 11 bars.


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