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If you're located in/near one of the territories below, please contact your rep to place an order, or to arrange a meeting:


NY Boroughs

Rep Name: Andrea Cohen
Phone: 908-309-3430
Email: aclosetsales@gmail.com


Rep Name: Dawn Mattier
Phone: 410-404-0651
Email: djmattier@aol.com

Metro Boston, Western MA 
Rep Name: Scott Green
Phone: 617-997-2774
Email: scott@roadrunnersllc.com

NH, ME & Essex County MA
Rep Name: Brenda Davis
Phone: 603-759-9340
Email: brenda@roadrunnersllc.com

Upstate NY
Rep Name: Joy Benson
Phone: 518-221-0914
Email: joy@roadrunnersllc.com

Cape Cod, So. MA, Islands & RI
Rep Name: MaryBeth Chaffee
Phone: 508-654-8760
Email: mchaffee@roadrunnersllc.com

Rep Name: Linda Hali Zucker
Phone: 203-606-9538
Email: linda@roadrunnersllc.com

Northern New Jersey
Rep Name: Marianne Keenan
Phone: 610-505-5349
Email: mkeenan@ourknack.com

Southern New Jersey
Rep Name: Barbara Hardy
Phone: 732-988-3955
Email: giftnut3@yahoo.com

Eastern Pennsylvania 
Rep Name: Kim Leister
Phone: 484-744-0441
Email: kleister@ourknack.com

Western Pennsylvania
Rep Name: Marion Kanenson
Phone: 717-580-7772
Email: mkanenson@ourknack.com


West Virginia
Rep Name: Marion Kanenson
Phone: 717-580-7772
Email: mkanenson@ourknack.com

Rep Name: Kirstyn Roberts
Phone: 201-452-1584
Email: jsaunders@ourknack.com

Rep Name: Rosann Waddle
Phone: 270-537-4602
Email: rosannwaddle100@hotmail.com

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Josh Newman
Sales Manager
FinchBerry Soapery
phone: 352-468-1132
fax: 904-309-9944


North Central

Central Ohio
Rep Name: Mark Williams
Phone: 614-775-0203
Email: mdw38@aol.com

Southern Ohio
Rep Name: Lynne Siegel
Phone: 513-232-0147
Email: lsiegel@cinci.rr.com

East and Northeast Ohio
Rep Name: Amy Long
Phone: 330-329-6123
Email: amy3774@gmail.com

Rep Name: Glenda Myers-Todd
Phone: 260-463-4052
Email: gmyerstodd@hotmail.com


Rep Name: Andrea Egnash
Phone: 248-961-0351
Email: aegnash@yahoo.com

Rep Name: Robert Saner
Phone: 515-309-1751
Email: robert@giftstreet.com

Southern Wisconsin
Rep Name: PJ Schroeder
Phone: 262-538-0464
Email: pj@thestreetbrands.com

Southeast MN
Rep Name: Wendy Shapiro
Phone: 763-843-5541
Email: wendy@giftstreet.com

W Wisconsin & MN Metro
Rep Name: Jim Elftmann
Phone: 612-789-0129
Email: jim@giftstreet.com

SW Minnesota
Rep Name: Tim Kent
Phone: 612-799-4627
Email: tim@giftstreet.com

Eastern Wisconsin
Rep Name: Dan DeVel
Phone: 920-208-6921
Email: dan@thestreetbrands.com

Northern Minnesota
Rep Name: Marlys Olson
Phone: 612-865-6210
Email: marlys@giftstreet.com


Dallas Suburbs, FTW, Irving
Rep Name: Joanie Fleming
Phone: 325-642-4491
Email: joanie@roadrunnersllc.com

Central Texas
Rep Name: Tosha Pearson
Phone: 325-451-7349
Email: tosha.p@roadrunnersllc.com

Rep Name: Luke McMichael
Phone: 337-230-9916
Email: luke.m@roadrunnersllc.com

Missouri, Kansas
Rep Name: Paula Russell
Phone: 314-966-2573
Email: paula.r@roadrunnersllc.com

Austin, San Antonio
Rep Name: Heidi Lee
Phone: 512-431-1864
Email: heidi.l@roadrunnersllc.com

Dallas, East Texas
Rep Name: Les Threadgill
Phone: 972-233-7293
Email: les.t@roadrunnersllc.com

Rep Name: Kristi Mitchell
Phone: 918-8089678
Email: kristi.m@roadrunnersllc.com

Houston, South Texas
Rep Name: Alicia Rightmer
Phone: 713-294-7304
Email: alicia.r@roadrunnersllc.com

West Texas
Rep Name: Christie Jones
Phone: 806-543-9449
Email: christie.j@roadrunnersllc.com

Rep Name: Amy Farmer
Phone: 870-510-7733
Email: amy.f@roadrunnersllc.com

Northern Rockies 

Nebraska, Iowa
Rep Name: Roxanne Kahn
Phone: 402-216-5009
Email: roxanne.k@roadrunnersllc.com

North Dakota
Rep Name: Kristie Morales
Phone: 701-412-3799
Email: kristie@giftstreet.com

South Dakota
Rep Name: Amy Larson
Phone: 605-868-2622
Email: amy@giftstreet.com

Rep Name: Laurence Bacon
Phone: 720-308-7690
Email: larrytherep@gmail.com

Rep Name: Cheri Kirk
Phone: 406-420-2196
Email: cherikirk@hotmail.com

Northern Idaho
Rep Name: Rhonda Baker
Phone: 509-466-6182
Email: rhondamb@comcast.net

Southern Idaho
Rep Name: Pegan Venzon-Cook
Phone: 208-736-7161
Email: peganvc@magiclink.com

Southern Rockies

Rep Name: Wendy Liljenquist
Phone: 801-253-5860
Email: wendy@finelinescompany.com

Rep Name: Bridget Yamane
Phone: 480-678-1177
Email: bridget@finelinescompany.com

New Mexico, Southern Colorado
Rep Name: Cherilyn Swenson
Phone: 505-501-5146
Email: repgirlcher@gmail.com

Northern Colorado
Rep Name: Laurence Bacon
Phone: 720-308-7690
Email: larytherep@gmail.com


California (San Diego, Imperial Counties)
Rep Name: Derek Marquardt
Phone: 213-804-3036
Email: derek@finelinescompany.com

California (Orange/San Bernardino/Riverside Counties/Palm Springs)
Rep Name: Hilary Orozco
Phone: 949-500-6562
Email: hilary@finelinescompany.com

California (Los Angeles/Canyon Country/Malibu/Santa Monica)
Rep Name: John Burke
Phone: 310-767-6642
Email: jburke@finelinescompany.com

California (Los Angeles/East San Gabriel/San Fernando Valley/Valencia)
Rep Name: Tiffany Potter
Phone: 818-209-2694
Email: tiffany@finelinescompany.com

California (Ventura/Oxnard/Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo)
Rep Name: Roisin Dunne
Phone: 206-226-7715
Email: roisin@finelinescompany.com

California (Marin/Sonoma/Napa/Mendocino/ and San Francisco Counties)
Rep Name: Rhonda Miller
Phone: 415-922-3452
Email: rhondam@jennyhammonsco.com

California (Sacramento/Redding/Chico)
Rep Name: Deborah Fremont-Smith
Phone: 530-559-7562
Email: deborah@finelinescompany.com

California (Contra Costa County)
Rep Name: Suzette Moyal
Phone: 510-333-1499
Email: suzettemoyal@att.net

California (East Bay/Oakland/Berkeley)
Rep Name: Lydia Lowery
Phone: 415-613-2121
Email: lydia@finelinescompany.com

California (Los Banos/Stockton/Fresno/San Joaquin Valley)
Rep Name: Susan Cole
Phone: 559-269-5758
Email: susan@finelinescompany.com

Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, Henderson
Rep Name: Denise Gabrielson
Phone: 702-769-6030
Email: dgabrielson@finelinescompany.com

Northern Nevada
Rep Name: Deborah Fremont-Smith
Phone: 530-559-7562
Email: deborah@finelinescompany.com

Rep Name: Sheri Eaton
Phone: 206-200-3089
Email: sheri.l.eaton@gmail.com

Rep Name: Nina Walker
Phone: 360-921-2126
Email: snrwalker3@hotmail.com


Rep Name: Jan Woodring
Phone: 808-943-2464
Email: jan@finelinescompany.com

Rep Name: Cathy Friis
Phone: 206-764-1290
Email: cmfriis@msn.com

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